How to: futuristic hair at David Koma

David Koma’s spring 2012 collection was based on 
the idea of a futuristic tribe. It consisted of a monochromatic pallette with flashes of colour such as hot pink and turquoise. It also combined textures such as matte vs shiny created with the use of reflective perspex; while the prints seen throughout the collection were bold and geometric.

To compliment this, the hair followed the futuristic tribal feel with a new spin on the ponytail. It stemmed from 8 diamond sections that all linked together with geometry and precision. I caught up with GHD Creative Director, Kenna, backstage who created this striking look.

To find out how to recreate it yourself, check out the instructions and how-to video after the break.

futuristic hair at david koma spring 2012

Here’s how the GHD hair team created the look:
Prep the hair with GHD Heat Protect Spray and GHD Straight and Smooth Cream. Blowdry hair smooth and straight, then go over the hair with GHD Max Styler and GHD straight and smooth spray.
From middle of forehead take a diamond back section ending an inch below the crown and slick back using GHD Final Fix Spray and GHD Grooming Brush and secure using elastic, going around 2-3 times to keep flat to the head.
From top of the ear to side point of diamond, create another section, divide away a small section from this from the mid recession diagonal back.
david koma spring 2012 hair
From the back of the earlobe, take a diagonal section to the centre back point of the diamond section and create the samson the other side.
For all sections use GHD Final Fix Spray and comb tight so partings between sections are clean and visible. All sections are put in small ponytails with a few loops of elastic and kept flat to the head.
futuristic hairstyle how to
With remaining hair from ponytails, join the ponytails together to make a bridge, spraying to keep the sections together. Upper sections will join into the main ponytail, one at the top of the crown.
david koma spring 2012 hairstyle
Join to the lower sections at the occipital bone, creating one ponytail with the hair underneath left long and straight.
david koma backstage spring 2012